...continually evolving as we learn

Keep Cortlandt Safe

The primary duty of the Supervisor and the Board is to keep their community safe - physically, fiscally and environmentally

Physically Safe & Healthy

With crime rates rising nationally, we will take a good hard look at re-establishing a Cortlandt Police Department or at the very least, increasing police personnel

  • Work with County and State for immediate Safe Houses for Domestic Abuse victims

  • License plate reader

  • Street Lights where appropriate

  • Speed bumps where appropriate

  • Sidewalks where appropriate

  • Registry and Evacuation plan for seniors and disabled residents

  • Road Management Plan

  • Tree Management Plan

  • Addres rising homeless situation

Fiscally Safe & Healthy

  • forensic audit

  • website transparency

  • including SeeThroughNewYork button

  • 2% cap

  • grant writing opportunites

  • balanced budget with budget meetings open to the public

  • Road Management plan

  • Study outsourcing vs in-house

  • Town Equipment Management Plan

  • Target wasteful spending

Environmentally Safe & Healthy

  • Decmissioning of Indain Point by Holtec

  • Maintain proper air/water/soil testing

  • Review of town owned properties regarding condition, toxicity, safety, use

  • Relocate Town yard from Verplanck and clean up that yard or rebuild a structure to protect equipment

  • Maintain our infrastructure

  • Recycling Program

  • Solar and sustainable where appropriate - no "community" solar farms

  • Review Staff levels

Keep Cortlandt Beautiful

  • Form community groups to create plans for their village/hamlet

  • Clean up and get rid of junk

  • Enforce code regarding property maintenance

  • Tree trimming plan

  • Maintain infrastructure

  • Stop dumping buildings in Verplanck

  • Maintain overgrowth

  • River front clean up

  • HPD

  • Signage

  • Review Staffing

Keep Cortlandt Happy, Healthy & Proud

  • Opt out of Marijuana Dispensaries

  • Programs and facilities for OUR residents going through substance abuse addictions

  • Community Gardens

  • Neighborhood playgrounds

  • Splash Pads

  • Celebrate successes

  • Utilize Channel 35 more, local news, student interns

  • Sports fields

  • Proper funding

  • Address rising homeless situation

Make Cortlandt Prosperous

We will promote smart and innovative development that does not overwhelm our communities.

  • Forensic Audit

  • Create community teams to plan for their part of the Town

  • Albany Post Road Corridor

  • Rte 9

  • Rte 6

  • Address specific community needs

  • Rental Registration and Inspection

  • Enforce Code

  • Study outsourcing vs in-house

  • Relationship with PILOTS

  • Return as much Town owned property to tax roll but maintain open space

  • Review Zoning - Zoning Audit

  • Expeditye In Rem properties

Make Town Hall People Friendly

As we walk around, one of the biggest complaints residents have are their encounters with the Town, whether just walking in for a question, waiting for promised documents, getting approvals without it taking months and costing a fortune or unfortunately being met with some unfriendly and uncooperative people at the Town too often.

  • Limit regulations

  • Create efficiencies

  • Streamline internal processes

  • Review staffing levels

  • Quality of Life Housing Preservation Development

  • set time that must be adhered to regarding permits and co's etc

  • Just Ask website button

Make Cortlandt Vibrant

We would love to see Cortlandt become a destination area that folks really talk about - it's beauty, it's hiking trails, it's charm, it's vibe, it's restaurants, it's waterfront, it's people.

The community events we have are just wonderful.

Let's Come together for more.

  • Picnics

  • Battle of the Villages

  • Spirit Weeks are not just for kids!

  • Trips

  • More activities/engagement with our seniors, vets, police officers and our firefighters.

  • Holiday Celebrations

  • Dances and Dinners