Warren Smith

Warren has lived in the beautiful hamlet of Verplanck's Point since his birth in 1963. After graduationg from Hendrick Hudson HS in 1981, he received a bachelors from Buffalo State College in Graphic Design. There, he met the love of his life, Majorie Koepsell. They married and raised three amazing children. For the last 18 years, Warren has been the Director of Operations for a commercial printer in NYC. Over the years, Warren has been generous with his time volunteering in his community as a lector at St. Patrick's Church, a meber of Our Lady of Mt Carmel Society, a leader with Boy Scouts, and serves as President of the Verplanck Residents Association.

Warren says, "I am not, nor will I ever become an average career politican. I am simply a lifelong member of our beautiful community and care deeply about it and my fellow citizens. In 2020 I became the President of the Verplank Residents Association (VRA) and led a successful fight to stop the Port Cortlandt Project which our Town Board was considering, up until October 2020. I was not convinced the Board was listening and responding appropriately to concerns and direction of the citizens that would be most affected by this massive industrial project. Through public outreach and education, I was able to raise the public's awareness to the scope and ramifications of the project. I encouraged and promoted an open dialogue which included voices from all sides of the issue, so that in the end the will of the people was honored.

Doing this work sparked my interest in serving my community in a capacity that I had not previously imagined. I found that I have a knack for working with people of differing viewpoints to resolve issues in a way that is mutually beneficial. In fact, for over 20 years, in my capacity as BSA Scout Leader, I have mentored hundreds of young people, training them to be Servant Leaders and good, thoughtul mebers of society.

I believe it is time to put into practice the values and the strategies that I have taught all these years. I hope you will give me the opportunity to serve you and the community."