Robert Chapnick

Robert Chapnick started his career in 2001 as an Assistant District Attorney. In private practice for more than fifteen years, he has represented an incredibly diverse and broad range of clients throughout New York State in the federal, state and local courts in all manner of cases, ranging from large scale commercial litigation and administrative proceedings to criminal and traffic matters. He knows and understands the court system. He and his wife Lauren reside in Cortlandt with their two daughters who they are raising in our strong, vibrant and safe community.

"With nearly two decades of experience on both sides of the criminal justice system, I have developed a keen understanding of the Constitution and the courts’ role in ensuring that the rights of everyone – criminal defendants and the victims of crime – are protected throughout the process. The Justice Courts are uniquely situated, as local courts intimately connected to the community, to ensure the preservation of quality of life, a prosperous civil society and the rule of law.

Having also served clients for many years as a civil and commercial litigator, I understand the importance of efficiently managing the resources of the court. When cases drag on for years, the interests of neither party are served, and the system ultimately fails to deliver on its principal promise: the fair and timely administration of justice.

Appearing in Justice Courts across our entire state has taught me what works and what does not. Ideally, our local court should be predictably fair, transparent and expedient. If elected Town Justice, I pledge to revamp the Town of Cortlandt Justice Court to where it serves as the exemplar."